Did you hear the scream from Knoebels Amusement Park about 11 days ago?!  Well, that was me!  On the craziest of craziest of days, with spotty internet access and tired, dirty, happy kids, we got a voicemail from our agency saying to check our email — we have a referral!
Just two days after this post about waiting, our referral came!  So many details in this story are already amazing, and God’s timing is no less amazing.  God’s fingerprints are all over her story!  Next step?  More paperwork 🙂  And in the next six months or so, we will have 2 trips to Ethiopia, bringing her home on trip #2.Have a heart for adoption?  My etsy shop has been a huge blessing with all the expenses that come with this journey.  Now we are saving for those two international trips.  Every purchase from my shop helps our family in this journey.  Thanks in advance!