our adoption process:  an update

We’re still here waiting for our next steps in this adoption journey!  It’s a huge lesson in patience and waiting for God’s perfect timing.Here’s what an adoption from Ethiopia looks like (taken from U.S. Department of State website on InterCountry Adoptions):

1.  Choose an adoption service provider
2.  Apply to be found eligible to adopt
3.  Be matched with a child
4.  File the Form I-600 with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to initiate the Pre-Adoption Immigration Review prior to filing an adoption case with the courts
5.  Adopt the child in Ethiopia
6.  Receive final approval of Form I-600
7.  Obtain a Visa and bring your child home

We are currently in the middle of step #4!  USCIS has received our form and they are conducting the PAIR process.  We are now waiting for the PAIR process to be complete and receive our court date!  Then we can make arrangements for our first trip to Ethiopia to meet our little one and adopt her there!  After that, we will need to come home without her and wait for everything to be finalized for our final trip to bring her home.  
It’s a long process, but totally worth it.  Being known, loved, and wanted is so very special, isn’t it?  So many parallels to God’s adoption of me.