DIY Button Craft Kit for Kids

button craft kit
Do you have some kids on your gift list that just don’t need another toy?  Or maybe there will be some littles at your Thanksgiving get-together that need something to keep them busy while the grown-ups tend to the turkey.  Whatever the case, I have a super simple DIY button craft kit to show you!
It provides hours of creative fun.  How do I know?  It’s been kid-tested at my house four times over.
First, start with this great little board book called Blue’s Buttons.  (affiliate link)I bought this one used since it’s not in print anymore.
Then dump out that button jar, or buy a stash on amazon (affiliate link again!).  Grab some paper and white school glue, and you’re all set!  It really is that simple.
The book is fun to read and provides the inspiration.  But once kids get the hang of it, the sky’s the limit to the creative button masterpieces they will make.
And if you’d rather not hunt down the supplies yourself, check out my etsy shop for this craft kit!
Disclaimer:  Please use care in letting children play or craft with buttons.  

DIY Yo Yo Wreath

Several months ago I was thrilled to find a big bag of vintage yo-yo’s at a thrift store!  I didn’t really know what I would do with them, but I scooped them up anyway.  
Their vintage character can never be fully reproduced.  Lovely.
I could have made a pillow top or small blanket.  Maybe that will come, but it sounded like too much work at the moment.   For easy vintage charm that just required a few simple steps, I made Yo-Yo Wreaths!  And you can too!  Even if you don’t find vintage yo-yo’s at your thrift store, they’re easy to make.  Keep reading…
But before I show you how I made these simple wreaths, take a look at the finished product to get your inspiration flowing.
Super simple steps:Make your yo-yo’s
Prepare your wreath base
Glue yo-yo’s to wreath base
Add buttons (optional)
Hang & enjoy!
No vintage yo-yo’s?  No problem.  Follow this great tutorial to make your own.  Best of all, you can up cycle fabric and clothing just like our great-grandma’s would have to make these original yo-yo’s.  No sense in spending money on this project if you don’t have to!  No sewing machine required, either.  Yo-yo’s are hand-stitched, and easy enough for your kids to try this summer while fighting boredom 🙂  I also like to take projects like this to work on during long car trips.
Wreath bases can be whatever you want.  For one, I used a regular grapevine wreath.  For another, I used a cheap frame from the thrift store that I painted first.  This gray wreath was simply spray painted.  Then, I wrapped some fabric and lace scraps on one section to add interest and to give the yo-yo’s a flatter base to be glued onto.
Finally, I raided my button stash and added some right in the center of the yo-yo.  They look a little more like flowers now.
Will you be trying your hand at making some yo-yo’s?
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