Jesus Tree for Advent

What a wonderful time of the year to focus our hearts on God’s story — more specifically the upper story.  We live in the lower story and easily get distracted by the tinsel and bright lights.

Jesus Tree advent 

But since Christ came that first Christmas, we know God will keep His promises and Christ will come again.  And during this season of Advent, of celebrating His birth, we look with anticipation to Christmas Future.

jesus tree for advent

A helpful practice for the whole family during this special season is to focus on the significance of the names of Jesus.

Did you know that in the Old and New Testaments, it is possible to find over 100 names and titles for Christ?

jesus tree for advent

Using a Jesus Tree can be a helpful visual for everyone in the family.

This is an easy DIY project that can be started at any time leading up to Christmas day.  No need to run to the store, just use what you have on hand.  Let the kids help.

jesus tree for advent

First, gather branches from the yard and put them in a recycled jar.

Find some extra Christmas ornaments or make your own from paper.

Jesus Tree advent 

Add one name and the Scripture reference to each ornament.  If you learn about one each day until Christmas, you will need 24.  You could do more or less, and don’t worry about starting too late!  Just do something.

I used this Names of Jesus unit study to create my ornaments.

Jesus Tree advent 

Each day we hang one new ornament on the tree.

We keep it simple by reading the Scripture and discussing one new name each day.

Jesus Tree advent 

The Jesus Tree has been a useful tool to help our family to focus on Christ during the Advent season.

What do you do in your house during Advent?


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