Making Room 4 One More through the Sparrow Fund

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I have enjoyed crafting and making handmade gifts ever since I was a little girl.

So when God burdened our hearts for adoption, this love of creating and our family’s passion to Make Room 4 One More kind of collided, and my etsy shop, 4onemore, was born.

4 one more 200X200

Every purchase from my shop during the first several years helped to bring our daughter home to her forever family. Now I want to use my shop to bless other adoptive families and charities that are Making Room 4 One More!

This is my third year supporting the adoption ministry of The Sparrow Fund.  I have committed to donate 10% of my sales this May to help adoptive families through this charity.

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Mary and Kelly Raudenbush founded The Sparrow Fund in 2011 after the adoption of their youngest child from China.  Since then, The Sparrow Fund has given well over 50 grants to adoptive families.

There are dozens of other online businesses that are part of Building the Nest 2015!  Check them out here.

You still have a few days left to shop and help make this 10% something crazy big for orphans and their forever families!

DIY Map Art: Upcycle a Puzzle

This project combines a lot of things I love — maps, upcycling, paint, chevron, burlap, and bold color.

I turned a 50 cent yard sale puzzle from this…


…into this!

DIY map art up cycled puzzle


And you can do it too!  Yard sale season is here, and you’re bound to find some sorry little puzzles that just need a good upcycle.

DIY map art


Gather your supplies.  Here’s what you will need:

DIY map art up cycled puzzle


Step 1:  Paint over your entire puzzle with spray paint with primer for excellent coverage.  It took 3-4 thin coats for the black words on my puzzle to get covered completely.  I used a spray paint with built-in primer.

map puzzle step 1

map puzzle 2

map puzzle 3

Step 2:  Prep your backing.  I used a $2 frame from a flea market.  It had backing, but no glass.  You could also use scrap wood, or the hard cardboard insert from a cast-off frame.  Anything will do, as long as it’s large enough for your puzzle.  You can always “pretty it up” a bit.
If your background piece needs some added charm, you can paint a simple design on it with acrylic paint, as I did.  First, I used spray adhesive to attach my burlap to the frame backing.  Once it was dry, I used this free template to make my own chevron stencil.
DIY map puzzle
DIY map puzzle
Step 3:  Paint your frame (if you’re using one).  I also used primer & spray paint for this.  It was an easy, quick way to add a great pop of color to the piece.  Consider coordinating or contrasting your frame color & puzzle color.
map puzzle 6
Step 4:  Adhere the puzzle pieces to your backing.
map puzzle 7
Set your puzzle pieces out on the backing to line them up the way you want them.  Start gluing with the center piece to keep your whole map lined up correctly.
map puzzle 8
And you’re done!  This has been a great piece to add some fun color to my house.
DIY map art
DIY map art
DIY map art
My Price Breakdown:
{Total Cost:  less than $10}
Frame $2.00
Wooden puzzle $.50
Spray paint, preferably with primer $3.47
Burlap (optional) $2.98/yard
Acrylic Paint  $.56
And you’ve probably noticed that I still have the empty puzzle board left.
map puzzle 12
You can actually make a second DIY art piece out of that!  What would you do?
DIY map art


Make a Memory Jar for Mom

{This post originally appeared on on May 4, 2014}

Mother’s Day is almost here!  If you’re like me, you struggle with what to buy the mom in your life that adequately communicates how special she is to you.  And what do you buy for her without cluttering up her house with more trinkets?

Several years ago, I stumbled on an idea that I found in a magazine.  This was before Pinterest, and before Ann mentioned a similar idea on her blog.  My sister and I got to work.  My husband and his siblings made one for my mother-in-law as well.  
make a memory jar for mom
It is so easy, but so full of love!  If you don’t have much time, this is still very doable.  Best of all, I can’t tell you how many times my mom has mentioned that this is one of her most favorite gifts.
What could be this great?  A memory jar!
make a memory jar for mom
The concept is simple.  Write down on slips of paper any wonderful memories from childhood, family traditions, funny stories, things you love about your mom.  One memory per slip.  Have all your siblings do the same.  Then, gather them into a pretty jar and present it to mom on Mother’s Day.  The idea is that every day, mom will pull a slip out of the jar and read a memory.  We tried to put enough in for one year of memories without repeating!

How wonderful it is to honor our Mom in this way.  I hope that when my children are out of the nest they will make a memory jar for me!
make a memory jar for mom