Making Room 4 One More through the Sparrow Fund

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I have enjoyed crafting and making handmade gifts ever since I was a little girl.

So when God burdened our hearts for adoption, this love of creating and our family’s passion to Make Room 4 One More kind of collided, and my etsy shop, 4onemore, was born.

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Every purchase from my shop during the first several years helped to bring our daughter home to her forever family. Now I want to use my shop to bless other adoptive families and charities that are Making Room 4 One More!

This is my third year supporting the adoption ministry of The Sparrow Fund.  I have committed to donate 10% of my sales this May to help adoptive families through this charity.

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Mary and Kelly Raudenbush founded The Sparrow Fund in 2011 after the adoption of their youngest child from China.  Since then, The Sparrow Fund has given well over 50 grants to adoptive families.

There are dozens of other online businesses that are part of Building the Nest 2015!  Check them out here.

You still have a few days left to shop and help make this 10% something crazy big for orphans and their forever families!

8 Adoption Fundraiser Ideas

Our Anna Rakeb has been home from Ethiopia for just over 2 weeks now.  Lots of firsts, new experiences, and bonding going on at our house.  And I forgot how many messes toddlers can make in ten seconds flat!

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

Now that we’re at the end of the adoption journey, we can look back and see how God provided the finances.  Every. Single. Time.

If God has called your family to adopt, then don’t let the finances scare you.  Once we stepped out in faith, God totally blew us away with His provision.

My hope is that this list will help other families in the adoption journey.  Here is what worked for us in order from least to greatest.


1.  Giveaways on Social Media & Online Auctions

A friend of my sister volunteered her artistic abilities for a giveaway to benefit our adoption.  She offered a custom pencil portrait for the winner.  We had a raffle on social media.  Each contribution of $5 put your name in the giveaway once.  $10 would enter you twice.

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

Do you have a friend who could team up with you for a giveaway?  Maybe they own an etsy shop and could donate an item or two.  Maybe they would like to contribute a wonderful gift basket to your raffle.  Many people would like to help, perhaps they just need to be asked.

2.  Online business owners donate commission {Jamberry Nails}

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

A friend hosted an online Jamberry party and graciously donated her commission toward our adoption expenses.  This is a great advertisement for your friends’ business as well as helping your family.  Don’t be afraid to ask!

3.  Sippy Cups of Change

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

{See those tags?  Yes, we did initially start out to adopt from Russia.  God providentially moved us away from that option before Russia closed itself off from international adoptions.}

Our sippy cups of change provided an easy way for interested friends & family to help.  They took a sippy cup I had purchased at the dollar store and filled it up with their spare change for weeks or months.  A ladies Bible study at a neighboring church even took a dozen to fill up for us.  Our boys contributed extra change to ours.  It’s a tangible way people can help.

4.  Become an Amazon affiliate

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

Who doesn’t shop online these days?  Again, this fundraiser will be as successful as your ability to remind your family & friends to use it!  When you sign up to be the amazon associates program, you will earn referral fees every time someone shops from your link.  We have designated our adoption account with the program, and the money just gets dropped right in.  It’s easy to set up.   However, as with the others, it is something you need to continually remind people about on their social media.  People would like to help — it doesn’t cost them a dime more to shop through your link — but you need to make it accessible and remind them regularly, especially during peak shopping seasons.

5.  Yard Sale

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

Our yard sale weekend was amazing — it brought in $2550!  That was much more than we had hoped for.  We held it at our church on Memorial Day weekend (Friday – Saturday).  It might have even done better had the weather cooperated.  We had to move it inside because of cold blowing rain!  But even with that, it was quite a success.  We asked our church family and through Facebook for donations of items to sell.  People were generous, even donating high ticket items, like a ride-on lawnmower, bunk beds, guitars, and such.  Friends helped us sort the items into sections, like you would have at a thrift store — housewares, girl clothing, shoes, toys, etc.  We sold clothing by the bag ($5/plastic grocery bag) or 50 cents a piece.  This helped to clear some of it out quickly.

8 adoption fundraisers

People donated baked goods.  We made lemonade to sell, but would have done better with hot chocolate or coffee!  Who could have predicted such a cold Memorial Day weekend?  Still, it was a success and definitely worth the effort.

6.  Puzzle

Between our first and second trips to Ethiopia, we decided to try a puzzle fundraiser.  We have seen friends do amazingly well with it.  However, I think the timing of ours (at the very end of the journey) was what made it so successful.

8 adoption fundraisers

We purchased a 252 piece puzzle featuring a picture of our sweet girl.  For every $10 donated through our tax deductible Pure Charity site, we wrote the contributor’s name on the back of a puzzle piece.

8 adoption fundraisers

We plan on framing the completed puzzle using a double sided glass frame so we will be able to see all the names on the back of the puzzle as a remembrance of those who had a part in her adoption.

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

7.  Grants

Yes, it takes time to do the research, but will be worth it in the end.  Most grant applications will all require the same information — financial (tax returns), some of your story and what led you to adoption, and references.  It’s a good idea to have all of that paperwork handy, and then you can apply for half a dozen grants at a time, in assembly-line-fashion.  Nothing beats getting that acceptance letter in the mail and realizing God has this adoption covered!

Overall, we received about $12,000 in grants for this adoption!!

8. Etsy shop {use your hobbies and gifts}

What can you do to raise extra funds right now?  Even if you have a full-time job, is there something else you could do on the side?  Perhaps you could offer in-home childcare.  Do you play an instrument?  You could give lessons.  Maybe you could declutter and sell some of your things on ebay.

8 adoption fundraisers

For me, I have always loved to craft.  I also love thrifting.  So, it just made sense to open an etsy shop, where I could sell my up cycled, painted, and sewn handmade goodies.  It gives me a good excuse to regularly go thrifting.  My boys are even in on the hunt now, as they know what I’m looking for.

8 adoption fundraisers

God has really blessed my shop.  I never could have imagined the benefits that would come.  First, financially, this shop has covered many adoption expenses along the way.

Additionally, I have been able to network with other like-minded individuals and ministries because of my online presence.  I have been able to donate to missions trips, orphanages, and other adoptive families because of the income from my shop.  

8 adoption fundraiser ideas

My shop is called 4onemore, and I hope to keep it open long after our adoption is through, so that we can bless other families who are also Making Room 4 One More. 

Other ideas to look into:

{Just Love Coffee, fundraising letters, breakfast fundraiser, online auctions, selling T-shirts, finding extra money in your budget, Both Hands Foundation}

Check out my Adoption Pinterest board for more inspiration!

The bottom line is this:  don’t let the financial aspects of adoption deter you if God has called you to this journey!  He can provide, and He will.  Many times, He’s just waiting for us to step out in faith and be ready to watch Him move.

Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser Update

Hello friends!  We are so humbled and thankful for your generosity as we launched our last adoption fundraiser this week!

We purchased a 252 piece puzzle of our daughter, Anna Rakeb, and for each $10 donation toward our adoption at Pure Charity, we are putting the puzzle together piece by piece.

ethiopia adoption puzzle fundraiser

ethiopia adoption puzzle fundraiser

To make this a very special keepsake for Anna, we are writing the names of every donor on the back of the puzzle pieces.  Then, when the puzzle is finished, we will display it in a double sided glass frame, so we can still see the names on the back.

ethiopia adoption puzzle fundraiser

ethiopia adoption puzzle fundraiser

And today, just 5 days in, we are at 48%!  Will you help tip us over 50%?  These funds are tax deductible through our Pure Charity site and go directly to our adoption agency for our final travel costs to bring Anna home.  Really, we will probably be traveling in the next few weeks.

So… here’s what our puzzle looks like tonight!  Thank you so much for your support!  Keep it coming, and feel free to share far and wide.  Adoption truly does take a community.

ethiopia adoption puzzle fundraiser


Our family is thrilled to be Making Room 4 One More.  Will you be part of our story too?


{In case you missed our Ethiopia Court Trip recap, you can start here}

{Did you ever see the face that inspired us to start our own Ethiopian adoption journey?  It’s here.}

Help Bring Anna Home: Ethiopia Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser

ethiopia adoption puzzle fundraiser

Good news!  We are within days of receiving our travel itinerary to bring our Anna home. We just officially applied for her visa through the U.S. Embassy.

The Lord has blessed in so many ways, supplying through yard sales, gifts, and grants. As we anticipate our last trip, we’ve been in communication with an adoption foundation to fund the last trip; however, we are not guaranteed we will receive funding from them.

The adoption process reminds us how much we need community to finish this journey.  We have had so many friends and family members come alongside us many times along the way.  We just need to pay for the last trip to Ethiopia and our Anna will be home!  Could you help us?

We have purchased a 252 piece puzzle featuring a picture of our sweet girl!  For every $10 donated through our Pure Charity site (which is tax deductible, by the way), we will write your name on the back of a puzzle piece as a memory of your contribution.  Using a double sided glass frame, we will be able to see all the names on the back of the puzzle as a remembrance of those who had a part in her adoption.

As the puzzle comes together, we will enjoy showing you the progress and finally our sweet girl’s picture! (a real picture of her face this time!)

ethiopia adoption trip

God has an amazing story that He has already been writing for our Anna Rakeb.  Will you be part of that story in helping with the final costs to bring her home?

Feel free to share!  We so look forward to sharing with her the many people who had a part in her adoption.

{Are you new to our story?  We were recently in Ethiopia to legally adopt our daughter.  You can read about that trip here.}